Reinvent and Thrive: A 12-Week Journey to Your Vibrant Forty-ish Life

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Dive into our dynamic 12 Weeks coaching package and watch your life transform from the inside out!

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine who you are and how you live in your 40’s?

Why This Package Is Your Perfect Match

Slow & Steady Wins: Crave a gentler pace? Let’s savor every moment, experiment freely, and tailor your journey to your unique rhythm.

Guided Goals: Receive expert guidance on goal-setting and dive deep into conversations that illuminate what truly matters to YOU.

All-Around Support: From setting intentions to shaking up multiple life areas, we’ve got your back, every step of the way.

Accountability Galore: Wave goodbye to procrastination! With twice weekly check-ins outside of your coaching session, we'll ensure you stay on track, inspired, and accountable.

Unapologetic Authenticity: Tired of your own excuses? Ready to challenge the status quo? Let's embrace honesty, dive deep, and ignite lasting change!

what awaits you?

Engage in empowering weekly 1-hour Zoom sessions that spark clarity, motivation, and action.

Receive weekly notes, session recordings, and tailored guidance that amplifies your growth journey.

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Embrace a life that is fun and fulfilling, infused with clarity, purpose, and a whole lot of zest!

Life your life in your 40’s by design - not default

a renewed you

Dream & Do

Action Over Words: If you're not ready to leap into action, this might not be your next adventure.

Accountability Advocate: If you shy away from accountability or challenging conversations, this journey may feel intense.

Investment in Your Transformation:

only $949!

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is this your perfect fit?

Deep Dive Alert: This is your moment to be real, be raw, and embrace radical change. If you're not ready to go deep, we're not your match.

Dive into a transformative experience, redefine your boundaries, and craft a life that's bursting with authenticity, passion, and purpose! Your journey to a completely new  YOU starts NOW!

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